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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

2 min read

SBA 353: How to Systemize Your BAS Career

Every week I get asked how to get a job in building automation or how to advance in building automation.

In this...

2 min read

SBA 352: Why Team and Business Culture Matter

Finding the right employee is hard. Keeping the right employee is even harder.

Building automation, especially on the...

2 min read

SBA 351: Overcoming Inflation with Processes

Fuel and materials have increased and now you find yourself executing a project with a high material cost than the...

2 min read

SBA 350: Establishing a Controls Standard for Your Business

If you asked me what one single thing led us to growing the fastest growing BAS training business in less than 5 years...

2 min read

SBA 349: Growing Your Controls Business in a Recession

The recession is here. What are you going to do about it?

As the value of the dollar decreases and disposable income...

2 min read

SBA 348: Sales 101 with SBA Sales Leader Julian Palacios

In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, I interview Julian Palacios, our Director of Sales, on how he...

2 min read

SBA 347: How to Manage BAS Projects From Start to Finish

In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast we will be discussing the BAS Project Management Framework. This...

2 min read

SBA 346: Sales Mastery with Sales Expert Keith Reller

Have you ever entered a room full of people that disliked your business and left with a sale? When I worked for Keith...

2 min read

SBA 345: Learning Guideline 36 Together

Energy costs are skyrocketing.The potential for rolling blackouts is increasing.More now than ever companies need to...

2 min read

SBA 344: A Design Pattern Approach to Programming

Programming is the easiest skill to learn in building automation.

Seriously, all you need to know in order to program...

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