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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

1 min read

SBA 306: What's New at SBA for 2022

In this episode we discuss what we are working on in 2022 here at Smart Buildings Academy.

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10 min read

SBA 305: Key Information BAS Sales Reps Need to Know

Behind every successful BAS company is a successful sales team. But what do BAS sales people do and what do they need...

9 min read

SBA 304: BAS Sales Role

How do you succeed in BAS sales? What are the different roles for a BAS sales person?

In this episode we discuss the...

11 min read

SBA 303: BAS Service Technician

The BAS Service Technician is one of the most challenging roles due to the diversity of skills and tasks required. 


11 min read

SBA 302: BAS Project Manager

Project managers can make or break a BAS project and ultimately the financials of a BAS company.

But how do you...

2 min read

SBA 301: BAS Programmer

Have you ever considered getting into BAS Programming but didn't know where to start?

The BAS programmer is one of the...

8 min read

SBA 300: BAS Designer

In this episode we discuss the BAS Designer role.

  • What is a BAS Designer?
  • What does a BAS Designer do?
  • What skills...
10 min read

SBA 299: BAS Technician

In this episode we discuss the BAS Technician role.

  • What is a BAS Technician
  • What does a BAS Technician do?
  • What...
10 min read

SBA 298: Establishing a Career in BAS

In this episode we discuss the benefits of a career in building automation and how to get started.

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9 min read

SBA 297: How to Manage Warranty

A lot of BAS companies lose money during the warranty phase. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

In this episode we...

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