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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

1 min read

SBA 248: The Most Common Questions I Receive about Information Technology

Every day we get questions about information technology. 

In this episode, we answer the most common questions around...

43 min read

SBA 247: Haystack and Metadata Fundamentals with John Petze

John Petze has been a pillar in our industry for a long time. In this week's episode, we discuss the topic of data and...

19 min read

SBA 246: How to Retrocommission Buildings

I've always worked on the outside of retrocommissioning projects as an advisor or a technician. That's why in this...

27 min read

SBA 245: Lighting 101 with Beatrice Witzgall

Lighting is one of the most common systems in the building and just like HVAC, we can't really use buildings without...

23 min read

SBA 244: Ask Me Anything- Buying a BAS Part 2

Are you considering purchasing or designing a building automation system? If so you need to listen to this episode!On...

17 min read

SBA 243: Building Automation Careers 101

Are you wanting to start a career in building automation but you don't know where to start? 

Would you like a proven...

38 min read

SBA 242: Implementing MSI and OT Technologies In The Built Environment

Does the idea of implementing integrated use cases seem overwhelming? Are you struggling with how to deal with the...

24 min read

SBA 241: Ask Me Anything- Buying a BAS

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the noise when it comes to building automation products and buying decisions for...

42 min read

SBA 240: Deep-dive into Commercial Real Estate Technology Strategy with Maureen Ehrenberg

Have you ever wondered how the decisions to invest in building and property tech for commercial real estate are made?


15 min read

SBA 239: What is data?

What is data? How is data produced? What do you need to understand about data?

In this episode of the Smart Buildings...

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