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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

11 min read

SBA 291: How to Program from Submittals

In this episode we discuss how to write building automation programs from scratch. 

We discuss the programming process,...

11 min read

SBA 290: How to Perform Graphics and Front-end Setup

Often times what the customer sees is what defines the "quality" of your project. 

The reality is that graphics and the...

10 min read

SBA 289: How to Validate Installation and Perform P2P Checkout

n this episode we discuss how to validate installation and how to perform point-to-point checkout on your building...

10 min read

SBA 288: How to Manage Project Costs

In this episode we discuss how to manage project costs and strategies for cost reduction and cashflow in your building...

15 min read

SBA 287: How to Schedule out Labor and Common Tasks

Scheduling out labor for building automation projects can be a pain.

In this episode we discuss how to approach labor...

12 min read

SBA 286: How to Line Out Subcontractors

In this episode we discuss how to line out your subcontractors so that they can properly execute your BAS projects.


1 min read

SBA 285: How to Create Submittals and Project Documents

In this episode we discuss how to create submittals and project documents for your building automation projects.


12 min read

SBA 284: How to Perform Takeoffs and Reestimates

In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast we discuss how to perform takeoffs and reestimates after the...

11 min read

SBA 283: How to Perform Sales to Operation Handoffs

In this episode we discuss how and why to perform sales to operations handoffs for your building automation projects


18 min read

SBA 282: The Mindset Behind a BAS Career

In this episode we discuss how to approach starting and advancing a career in building automation. 

We also look at the...

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