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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

24 min read

SBA 241: Ask Me Anything- Buying a BAS

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the noise when it comes to building automation products and buying decisions for...

42 min read

SBA 240: Deep-dive into Commercial Real Estate Technology Strategy with Maureen Ehrenberg

Have you ever wondered how the decisions to invest in building and property tech for commercial real estate are made?


1 min read

SBA 239: What is data?

What is data? How is data produced? What do you need to understand about data?

In this episode of the Smart Buildings...

19 min read

SBA 238: BACnet SC is a Horrible Idea

Why is the industry embracing BACnet/SC? Is it a good idea?

What are the ramifications of rolling out a new protocol...

17 min read

SBA 237: Building Automation As A Service?

In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we discuss building automation as a service. What is it?

Is it...

22 min read

SBA 236: Developing BAS Technicians from Scratch in Less than 180 Days

We are facing a shortage of 20,000+ BAS Professionals. Our current methods of workforce development are not keeping...

11 min read

SBA 235: BAS troubleshooting Basics Part 2

In this episode, we discuss how to respond to troubleshooting calls. You will learn how to apply the five-question...

18 min read

SBA 234: BAS troubleshooting Basics Part 1

Have you been struggling to troubleshoot building automation, HVAC, and IT systems? 

If so you're not alone. In this...

1 min read

SBA 233: Top 5 Areas You Should Focus on in 2021

2020 has been a challenging year and I firmly believe 2021 will be even more challenging. In this episode of the Smart...

18 min read

SBA 232: Engineering BAS Inputs and Outputs

Learn how to layout BAS inputs and outputs for your controls hardware designs in this episode of the Smart Buildings...

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