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BAM 117: How BACnet integrations really work part 2

By Phil Zito on Jun 4, 2018 6:00:38 AM

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Have you ever wired up a BACnet MS/TP trunk and it just wouldn’t work?Or for whatever reason the MS/TP trunk was crazy slow, and the customer was getting upset by slow point data?

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Early in my career BACnet MS/TP was super confusing. I didn’t know how to make sense of it. And learning BACnet MS/TP was made even more difficult by the lack of knowledge about MS/TP that was available.

That’s why in this episode we are going to dive into BACnet MS/TP. By the time you finish this episode you will:

  • Understand the top issues that can cause your BACnet MS/TP trunks to fail
  • What the most important BACnet MS/TP settings are and why you should care
  • My five-step process to ensure that your BACnet MS/TP integrations go flawlessly
  • The most common problems with MS/TP and how you can easily troubleshoot them.

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  • What makes up BACnet MS/TP (1:50)
  • How daisy-chains make BACnet MS/TP work (3:55)
  • Why manufacturers have different device limits (4:30)
  • The secret of the MS/TP token (5:30)
  • The single most misconfigured MS/TP setting (7:15)
  • How MS/TP is addressed and why it matters (8:15)
  • State machines and tokens (10:30)
  • How your device Masters MS/TP (12:45)
  • Ending your MS/TP trunks (15:40)
  • How to integrate new BACnet MS/TP devices (17:05)
  • Solving problems with bad MS/TP trunks (22:00)

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