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Get ready for a thrilling ride as we present the 434th episode of our popular Smart Buildings Academy podcast, titled "SBA 434: In the Maintenance Zone - Exploring Best Practices for BAS Upkeep."

Leading the discussion will be our corporate instructor, David Perkins. Drawing from his extensive experience on the maintenance frontlines, David will share a captivating mix of success stories and horror tales that illustrate the stark realities of Building Automation Systems (BAS) maintenance.

But it's not all about storytelling. David will also equip you with effective maintenance strategies, practical tips and tricks, and comprehensive frameworks that you can apply directly to your work. Whether you're an experienced professional or new to the field, this knowledge will empower you to keep your BAS running smoothly and efficiently.

Join us and delve into the best practices of BAS maintenance. This episode is an opportunity to learn from the past and arm yourself with the knowledge to prevent common pitfalls. We promise you an educational and enlightening experience that you certainly won't want to miss!


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Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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