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Navigating the challenges of the building automation industry while fostering growth and maintaining a cohesive company culture is no small feat. In our latest episode of SBA, we sat down with Derek Wright, a seasoned expert from D&L Controls, to discuss just that.

Episode Highlights:

  • Journey of D&L Controls: From its inception to its current state and future ambitions, Derek offers a candid look into the company's evolution over the years.

  • The Hiring Lens: What does D&L Controls look for when bringing new talent on board? Derek reveals the attributes that stand out for them.

  • Preserving Culture: As companies expand, maintaining the original spirit and ethos becomes a challenge. Derek discusses the strategies D&L employs to ensure their core values remain intact.

  • Overcoming Challenges: Every company faces its set of hurdles. Derek sheds light on the biggest challenges D&L Controls has encountered and the innovative solutions they've implemented.

  • Spotting Opportunities: The building automation sector is ripe with potential. Derek shares his perspective on the most promising growth avenues for contractors in the industry.

  • Technology's Dual Role: Has technology been a boon or bane for D&L over the past 18 months? A deep dive into the pros and cons they've experienced.

  • Power of Partnerships: The impact of strategic alliances on D&L's business trajectory and how such collaborations shape the industry landscape.

  • Balancing Act: Growth is essential, but so is caution. Derek talks about striking the right balance between expansion and risk in the contracting world.


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Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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