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SBA 446: Why BAS

By Phil Zito on Feb 5, 2024 3:10:07 PM

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In this insightful episode of the Smart Buildings Academy podcast, Phil Zito delves into the pressing challenges and future directions of building automation and workforce development.

Episode Highlights:

Kick off: A Warm Welcome Back - Phil expresses his enthusiasm for returning to the podcast and sets the stage for a comprehensive discussion on the current state and future of building automation.

Trade Shows Insights: A Whirlwind of Discoveries - Phil recounts his experiences and observations from recent trade shows, highlighting trends such as the prominence of IP controls and the notable absence of analytics and digital twin companies.

Workforce Development: A Critical Challenge - The episode focuses on the industry's struggle to attract and retain talent, with Phil sharing personal anecdotes to illustrate the gap between the tech world and building automation.

Industry Misconceptions: Bridging the Knowledge Gap - Phil emphasizes the need for greater awareness and understanding of what building automation entails, suggesting an awareness campaign to demystify the field.

Career Pathways: Opportunities Abound - Phil breaks down the various career paths within building automation, from technical roles to sales and management, underscoring the industry's diversity and potential for personal growth.

The Future of SBA and Building Automation - Looking forward, Phil shares his vision for addressing the talent shortage and enhancing the industry's appeal to a broader audience, including leveraging social media platforms for outreach.

Join us for an enlightening conversation that not only sheds light on Phil Zito's journey and insights but also illuminates the path for those interested in the evolving landscape of smart buildings. This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the intersection of technology, talent development, and the future of building automation.


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Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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