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SBA 449: BAS Point Objects 101

By Phil Zito on Feb 15, 2024 11:39:53 AM

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Dive into the world of Building Automation System (BAS) point objects with Phil Zito in Episode 449 of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast. This episode is dedicated to demystifying BAS point objects, a fundamental concept for professionals in the building automation industry. Whether you're new to BAS or looking to refresh your knowledge, this episode provides valuable insights into different types of point objects, their applications, and how they interact within a BAS environment.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Point Objects: Phil begins with an overview of the basic types of point objects found in building automation systems, including Boolean, Numeric, and Enumerated objects, and their common aliases (Binary, Analog, Multistate).

  • Deep Dive into Point Types: Explore the characteristics of Boolean (Binary), Numeric (Analog), and Enumerated (Multistate) points, including their functions, how they're used in BAS, and nuances across different BAS software.

  • Priority Arrays Explained: Gain a clear understanding of priority arrays, a crucial concept for managing point object priorities within a BAS. Learn how priority arrays influence the behavior of BAS objects and ensure desired outcomes in automation logic.

  • Practical Applications: Phil discusses real-world applications and scenarios where different point objects are utilized within a BAS, providing listeners with practical knowledge to apply in their daily work.

  • Interactive Q&A: The episode includes an interactive Q&A session, where Phil addresses listeners' questions, offering further clarifications on point objects and their use in building automation systems.

Join Phil Zito for this informative session on BAS point objects, designed to enhance your understanding and mastery of building automation systems. This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in designing, implementing, or managing BAS, providing the foundational knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of automation with confidence.


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