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Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Weekly Building Automation Lessons That Advance Your Career

22 min read

SBA 224: How to Get a Job in Building Automation

In this episode of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast, we discuss how to get a job in building automation. 


20 min read

SBA 223: Consultative Sales for Building Automation Professionals

In this episode, we take a deep dive into how to use the consultative sales process to identify solutions to problems...

1 min read

SBA 222: The Future of Digital Technologies in Buildings With Tyson Soutter

Tyson Soutter is an experienced smart buildings professional who has an extensive background in smart buildings...

20 min read

SBA 221: Project Oversight for Owners

Are you a building owner trying to figure out what actions you should be taking during new construction or major...

17 min read

SBA 220: How to Manage Building Automation Projects

Managing building automation projects is tough. There are so many nested tasks and expectations that you need to...

14 min read

SBA 219: The Controls Hierarchy of Needs

In this episode, we discuss the controls hierarchy of needs and how to best serve your customers based on their needs.
21 min read

SBA 218: Answering Your IAQ Questions

In this episode, I answer your IAQ questions. We discuss what IAQ is, how to control IAQ, what you need to know about...
15 min read

SBA 217: How to structure your BAS Team

Building out your BAS team for growth is one of the key factors for success 

Having people in the right roles at the...

18 min read

SBA 216: Creating Your BAS Standard

In this episode, we discuss our step-by-step process on how to create a building automation standard for your...

17 min read

SBA 215: Onboarding BAS Professionals

In this episode, we discuss how to develop your building automation employees so that they are profitable and...

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