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BAM 121: IT Networking for BAS Pros - Part 3

By Phil Zito on Jul 2, 2018 6:00:54 AM

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Have you ever had to explain yourself to IT?

It seemed like the IT folks, were blocking you at every turn.

Why do you need IP addresses? Why do you need to put your devices on our network? Why do your addresses need to be static?

Every day these questions plague BAS professionals. One false move and the IT group will withdraw and block you from achieving your goals.

In this week’s episode of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast, we will be discussing how to deal with these exact issues. This episode will cover:

  • What IP addressing is and why it matters to BAS professionals
  • The common challenges you will get from IT professionals and how to overcome them
  • What the three most common IP controls architectures are and when you should use each one
  • Why the deep study of IT networking is actually hurting your BAS career and what to do instead

Listen to the episode below.

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IP Addresses and IP BAS Controls

  • A real-world IT issue faced by one of our students and how they resolved it (1:35)
  • The importance of having IP knowledge (5:35)
  • What exactly is the IP address and why does it matter? (6:52)
  • How subnet ranges and IP addresses work together (9:55)
  • The very important reason for understanding how to calculate IP addresses  (12:02)
  • Two types of IP addresses and when to use each one (14:30)
  • How to deal with IT folks who don't want to give you static IP addresses (16:00)
  • How broadcasts and default gateways make BAS networks work (19:00)
  • What are routers and how do they affect your BAS network traffic (21:04)
  • The three major BAS IP controls architectures (26:05)

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