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BAM 122: IT Networking for BAS Pros – Part 4

By Phil Zito on Jul 9, 2018 11:29:40 AM

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Why is your building automation server not communicating with your supervisory devices?

It could be that your network is down or it could be something much simpler like the firewall being setup incorrectly...

In this week’s episode of the Building Automation Monthly Podcast, we will be discussing how logical links affect your building automation system's ability to communicate. This episode will cover:

  • How logical ports work and why you use them
  • Understanding how to talk to an IT person to succeed with a BAS project
  • Why you need to learn how BAS networking works even if you are in a non-technical role.
  • Examples of how the transport layer works with BAS networks

Listen to the episode below.

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Ports and logical communication

  • Why the changes in the industry require us to increase our IT maturity (0:35)
  • The level of IT knowledge you really need to have (2:55)
  • How you are in a better spot for learning IT then you know (4:22)
  • How logical links work to keep your BAS communicating (6:55)
  • Why reliable communication is not necessarily better than unreliable communication  (11:02)
  • How the transport layer works with BACnet communications (15:00)
  • How your BAS server utilizes TCP communications (17:25)

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