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SBA 456: T1L Deepdive

By Phil Zito on Mar 21, 2024 11:53:19 AM

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Join Phil Zito in Episode 456 of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast for an enlightening deep dive into T1L, an emerging Ethernet standard poised to revolutionize building automation systems. As we explore the technicalities and applications of T1L, this episode serves as a comprehensive guide for professionals eager to understand and implement this technology in their projects. From explaining the basics of T1L to discussing practical implementation steps, Phil provides valuable insights into leveraging T1L for both retrofit and new installation projects, ensuring your building automation systems are more efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to T1L: Unravel the basics of T1L, an Ethernet physical layer specification under IEEE 802.3cg, offering a promising solution for extending the reach of building automation networks using single twisted-pair cables.

  • Key Features and Benefits: Discover T1L's capability to support 10 Mbps full-duplex communication over 1 kilometer, facilitating cost-effective network expansions and leveraging existing wiring infrastructure.

  • Operational Modes and Applications: Learn about T1L's operational modes, VPP voltage levels, and how they cater to different network requirements, alongside exploring T1L's suitability for various building automation protocols like BACnet IP, LonWorks, and Modbus RTU.

  • Technical Deep Dive: Dive into the technical aspects of T1L, including the importance of impedance matching, the role of PHY transceivers, receivers, and gateways in a T1L setup, and how these components work together to ensure efficient data transmission.

  • Implementing T1L in Projects: Gain practical insights into assessing existing infrastructure for T1L compatibility, planning network architecture, upgrading devices, and configuring network settings to successfully implement T1L in your projects.

  • Interactive Learning: Phil encourages listeners to engage with questions and share their thoughts on T1L's impact on the building automation industry, fostering an interactive learning environment.

Whether you're looking to enhance your knowledge on cutting-edge Ethernet standards or seeking practical advice on implementing T1L in your building automation projects, Episode 456 of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast is an invaluable resource. Dive into the world of T1L with Phil Zito and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of building automation.


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Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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