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SBA 457: Mentoring BAS Employees

By Phil Zito on Mar 27, 2024 11:37:30 AM

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Episode Description:

Join Phil Zito in Episode 457 of the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast as he delves into the critical role of mentoring in developing Building Automation System (BAS) employees. This episode is a part of our ongoing series on BAS management, focusing on cultivating soft skills, understanding finance, and enhancing sales through mentoring. Phil, leveraging his extensive experience in mentoring and running a successful training business, offers a fresh perspective on accelerating the growth of technical and sales professionals in the BAS industry.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Talent Crisis in Building Automation: An overview of the current demand for skilled workers in construction and manufacturing, emphasizing the need for 1.2 million new workers by 2029.
  • Traditional Development Models: A critique of conventional onboarding and mentoring programs, highlighting their inadequacies in addressing the rapid need for skilled BAS professionals.
  • Quantitative Mentoring Approach: Introduction to a data-driven mentoring strategy that emphasizes measurable progress and competency-based assessments to fast-track employee development.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy in Mentoring: Application of Bloom's Taxonomy to structure the mentoring process, ensuring a clear progression from basic knowledge acquisition to the application and beyond.
  • Implementing the Model: Practical steps for incorporating a quantitative mentoring model within your organization, including setting SMART goals, assessing competencies, and adapting mentoring techniques to individual needs.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Discussion on common obstacles in mentoring BAS employees and strategies to overcome them, ensuring a successful developmental journey for both mentors and mentees.

Episode Highlights:

  • Phil shares insights into the critical talent shortage facing the BAS industry and the importance of innovative mentoring approaches to bridge the gap.
  • Explore a structured, measurable methodology to mentorship that moves beyond traditional models, fostering rapid skill acquisition and professional growth.
  • Learn how to apply Bloom's Taxonomy to effectively mentor BAS employees, ensuring they achieve competency in their roles efficiently.
  • Gain practical tips on implementing a quantitative mentoring model in your organization, enhancing the development of technical and sales staff.


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Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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